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Betty Charlene (Riley) McNary

March 12, 1930 ~ March 27, 2019 (age 89)
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Betty Riley born March 12, 1930, Betty aka Grandma, spent her youth as the oldest sister of five siblings, Bessie (Aunt Tiny), Uncle Norm, Uncle Owen, and Beverly (Aunt Babe). Growing upBetty spent many years of her youth caring for her siblings and Family. In Hotchkiss, Colorado the year 1947 Betty meet the tall and dashing Jess Elbert McNary. I shared his middle name because it is the coolest, it’s my middle name too. With the charm that I exhibit today Jess swept Betty off her feet with a love to last a lifetime and more! Jess and Betty were children of the outdoors. They spent the next 12 years in Colorado. They enjoyed their time hiking and fishing until they brought Marlene my mother into this world. Not long after having Marlene, Elizabeth surged her way into their lives. Having two little girls kept Jess and Betty busy. What better way to pass the time but have a boy join the family, then came Michael. After being blessed with their first boy they thought why not try again and then came Glen. Once God believed they had the right formula he topped off the family with last but not least their son Gary.

Times were hard in Colorado where Jess and Bettty’s Upholstery business was not providing forthe family as well as they had expected. In 1960 Jess and Betty packed up the family and made the move to Idaho. Jess and Betty purchased their first home in Idaho where Jess held manyodd jobs before landing his job of 28 year with Amalgamated Sugar. As a stay at home mother Betty spent many years babysitting neighbor kids to earn extra money. in 1969 Jess and Betty Purchased the small farm on Robinson Road in Nampa. It was there where they created the half acre garden the family had all come to love and nourish their families and friends with. In this home they had also started their hobbies of Ceramics, Doll making, Fish Ponds and Rock Hounding. In 1970 Betty took a job working at Meridian Wood Products. Betty worked in thepaint room for nearly 13 years (that may explain a few things). Betty injured her back after a fall on the ice and quit working at Meridian wood. She then stayed home to care for the farm and her and Jess’s hobbies.

Over the years Betty and Jess were blessed with 9 incredible grandchildren. Marlene and Douglas’s: Jason, Chad, Teresa and Jeremy. Liz and Neil’s: Kerry, Chrystel, Michael and Kathy: Michael Jo, Anthony and Robin. Over the years the family has grown to many Great Grandchildren, and great great grandchildren. There are many pictures displaying the 5 generations of the McNary family. Betty always felt blessed to be a grandmother to so many wonderful grandchildren.

Betty displayed all of the attributes one could ever imagine the perfect grandmother to have. Herlove and support were unwavering. Her pride in her family gave her strength to carry on these many years of her life. In 1989 Jess and Betty struck the lottery. They purchased property in Arizona and enjoyed many years of retirement there as snowbirds. The love of her life Jess passed in 1994, shortly after Betty sold the farm and moved her and her fish to town.

Betty spent her retirement without Jess traveling and practicing photography with Lewinda and Liz. She also started painting and creating beautiful 3d art pictures. Betty also enjoyed her time behind the bars of an ATV where she could see and explore with her love of nature she had as a girl. Betty spent the last of her years loving and cherishing her time with family and friends. Betty spent 25 years yearning to reunite with Jess, on March 27 she had given us here on earth all she had left and made her journey home to Jess. We will miss you Grandma please give grandpa a hard time for us. Betty had a diverse life of fun and activities, there are many stories to be told. Please take a minute and ask the children to share.

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